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०९ शनिबार, असार २०८१17th April 2024, 11:33:48 am

solidarity greetings to H.E Mr Kim Jong Un

२० आइतबार , जेठ २०८१२० दिन अगाडि

 solidarity greetings to
H.E Mr Kim Jong Un

On behalf of the Asian Pacific Regional Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People (APRCFSKP) I extend to you and the Korean people best wishes and solidarity greetings as we mark and celebrate the June 19th 60th anniversary of the beginning of General Kim Jong IL work on the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea.(WPK ). 60th years ago when the DPRK was confronted and threaten by the Military and hegemonic forces of US Imperialism General Kim Jong IL stepped up and accepted the mantle of intensifying and improving the quality of the work of the C.C.

A  main feature of his new role was the recognition to substantially improve the theory and practical activities of the C.C from a ideological and political perspective so that the masses understood and fully supported the leadership of the Workers Party of Korea in their struggle against the machinations of US Imperialism while at the same time continue their victorious march towards building a independent powerful socialist country.

General Kim Jong IL guidance over the Workers Party of Korea provided the leadership and confidence for carrying forward and accomplishing  the revolutionary cause of Juche and this made it possible for the Workers Party to bring about great changes and progress in both the revolution and construction of socialist Korea while making a new history of building a revolutionary party in the era of independence.

He advanced the original idea on party building and wisely led the work for it to become a reality of party activities. As a result the WPK brought about  decisive turn in the work of establishing its monolithic ideological system and could enter the historic phase of its development. The whole course of his leadership over the WPK is an immortal course in which the glorious history and tradition of the Korean revolution pioneered with arms have been reliably inherited and the WPK has been strengthened into a powerful guiding force of the Sungun revolution.

60 years of his leadership of the party are a history of creation and changes during which he led the cause of revolution , the socialist cause of the WPK , to victory, opening up changes and heroic feats  that remain a feature of WPK policies today.

With best wishes and solidarity greetings,

Raymond Ferguson

Director Secretariat