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३० शनिबार, असार २०८१17th April 2024, 11:33:48 am

The great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il will always be with us.

२५ सोमबार , असार २०८१५ दिन अगाडि

The great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il will always be with us.

The Korean people and the progressive people the world over celebrated the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung as the greatest revolutionary holiday of the Korean nation and as a grand event of mankind. 

The celebrations held to mark the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung were an outburst of our people’s boundless reverence for and noble moral obligation to their leader and a grand political festival during which the world’s people sang the praises of the 100-year history of Juche Korea. 

Through the celebrations we demonstrated our steadfast faith and will to hold him up as the eternal leader of our Party and people, as well as the revolutionary mettle of the service personnel and people who have turned out in high spirits to achieve the final victory true to the Party’s call. 

That we have held up President Kim Il Sung, whom the entire nation and the whole world respect, as our eternal leader is the source of greatest glory and pride for our people and happiness for the generations to come. 

Our Party, service personnel and people should hold him up eternally as the Sun of Juche, and accomplish his sacred revolutionary cause with credit.



Kim Il Sung was the most outstanding leader of the 20th century and a peerlessly great man.

The 20th century was an era of revolutionary changes in the struggle of the masses of the people for their independence, changes unprecedented in human history, and an era of fierce struggle between the progressives and reactionaries, between socialism and imperialism. In this century full of changes, there were many renowned politicians and personages, who left traces in the shaping of the masses’ destiny and in the political history of the world, but none of them was a preeminent leader, a peerless patriot and a great revolutionary as our leader was, who, from his teens to eighties, adorned the century as a century of victory of the cause of anti-imperialist independence, the cause of socialism, by dint of unique ideology and leadership and ennobling virtue while enjoying the absolute support and trust of the people. 

The 20th century was, both in name and in reality, Kim Il Sung’s century resplendent with his imperishable exploits and the personalities of the great man. 

Kim Il Sung was the most outstanding leader and an extraordinary veteran statesman, who left imperishable exploits for his country and people and for the times and revolution by means of profound ideas and theories, uncommon leadership ability and gigantic revolutionary practice.

He was a great leader of the people, who put forward the masses, once oppressed and exploited, as the master of history, and raised their dignity and value to the highest level possible. 

His was a noble life of a people’s leader, who regarded “The people are my God” as his motto, applied it to his ideas and leadership and turned it into reality. For him, the masses of the people were always a teacher, and he was their loyal son. He began his revolutionary activities by going amongst them; the revolutionary activities were conducted always by relying on them, and they were dedicated, from beginning to end, to defending and achieving their independence. Thanks to these activities, the masses’ demand and aspiration for independence became ideas, theories, lines and policies, and the most revolutionary and scientific guidelines, which were easily understood by them and which indicated the true roads for them to take to shape their destiny, were provided.

Cherishing as his faith the revolutionary principle that the masses are the masters of the revolution and construction and they have the strength with which to propel the revolution and construction, he always went amongst the masses and enlisted their inexhaustible strength and creative wisdom in solving all the problems in conformity with their demands and interests. 

His absolute trust in the people and devotion to them was the fundamental secret of the victories he achieved one after another in the revolution and construction while braving the difficulties and hardships unprecedented in history. As he placed trust in the masses and relied on them, he was able to push forward simultaneously the gigantic undertakings, like authoring a guiding ideology of the revolution, forming a vanguard organization, founding an army, awakening the masses to their ideological consciousness and organizing them, thus creating a new history of the Juche revolution and leading several stages of the difficult and complicated revolutionary struggle and the work of construction to victory without any mistake in his lines and without any failure. 

The invincible socialist country that has been built on this land today and the revolutionary cause of Juche that is gaining victory after victory are precious fruits whose seeds he planted in the soil of the people and developed throughout his life. As they were led by him, the masses, once an object of history, could usher in a new era of history, the Juche era, when they are shaping their destiny by their own efforts while steering the wheel of the times and history. 

Kim Il Sung was a preeminent and seasoned leader of the revolution, who wrote a new chapter of modern history and added brilliance to it by leading our revolution along the ever-victorious road under the banner of independence. 

Independence was the revolutionary creed, revolutionary mode and revolutionary practice he cherished and applied all his life. Already in the first days of his revolutionary struggle, he, with an uncommon wisdom and insight, clarified the truth of the revolution that independence is the life and soul of a country and a nation as well as the masses, and that, to achieve it, sycophancy and dogmatism should be rejected and the revolution be conducted in an independent and creative way. That he held high the banner of independence for the first time, formulated it as the fundamentals and mode of the revolution and applied it was an epochal event noteworthy in the history of human ideology and the history of the revolutionary struggle of the masses. 

The Korean revolution was a serious political struggle, a class struggle, against imperialism, dominationism, sycophancy, dogmatism and revisionism, and an unprecedentedly complicated and arduous struggle that could not be won by means of the existing formula or methods. Free from the past, stained with sycophancy and dogmatism, Kim Il Sung, in the whole course of leading the revolution, regarded independence as its lifeline and solved all the problems arising in the revolution and construction in our own way and in conformity with the demands of our revolution, the interests of our people and the actual situation of our country. By consistently holding fast to the principle of independence, he built a powerful driving force of our revolution, smashed at every step the counterrevolutionary offensive of the imperialists and reactionaries and the interventionist schemes of the “Leftist” and Rightist opportunists, and led to victory two revolutionary wars, two rounds of reconstruction, two stages of social revolution and socialist construction. He continuously developed the relationship with foreign parties and countries also based on the principle of independence. In this way, he highly exalted the external prestige and dignity of our Party and our state, and rendered a great contribution to accomplishing the cause of anti-imperialist independence, the cause of socialism. 

Through a great revolutionary practice, he proved that independence is the justice of history, the victory of the revolution and the basis of the development of fair international relations, and steered the historical current of the 20th century along the road of independence, thus opening a new chapter of history, when the masses, freed from domination and subjugation, wage the revolution of their respective countries in an independent way. 

Great, indeed, was the resolution of Kim Il Sung to hold high the banner of independence in the previous century, when sycophancy, dogmatism and dominationism were prevalent; more worthy of note in the modern political history was his revolutionary practice of not giving up the principle of independence all the time but propelling the cause of our revolution with pluck in the rigorous circumstances of the world, through which the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the imperialists and dominationists were cutting a swathe. 

Today independence has become a vivid symbol of his personality as a peerlessly great man and a byword of our times serving to praise his sacred revolutionary career and imperishable achievements. 

Kim Il Sung was an ever-victorious, iron-willed commander and military genius who blazed a trail for our revolution and led it along the road of victory by force of arms.

The whole historical course of our people’s revolutionary struggle was beset with acute military confrontations, including the two revolutionary wars, when they had to wage a life-and-death struggle against the imperialist forces of aggression. He early advanced Juche-oriented military ideas and theories and put great emphasis on strengthening the revolutionary armed forces throughout his revolutionary career, always winning victories in the bloody fights and grave showdowns with the imperialist forces. In the revolutionary war against the Japanese imperialists and the Fatherland Liberation War he defeated the formidable imperialist enemies, who boasted of their numerical and technological edge, by dint of political and ideological, strategic and tactical superiority; the world people greatly admired and trusted him as an iron-willed commander, outstanding military strategist and symbol of victory in the anti-imperialist struggle. 

In human history there has been recorded no such a leader of the type of military general as Kim Il Sung, an unparalleled commander possessed of the power of both pen and sword, who, always standing on the front line with arms of the revolution in his hands, achieved one victory after another in the showdowns with the imperialist forces by dint of his brilliant military strategy and art of command. 

Kim Il Sung was a great revolutionary and a great man of ennobling personalities. 

He was the great of the greatest, who has no equal in terms of personalities both as a revolutionary and as a man. 

He was a great revolutionary who devoted his all to achieving the victory of the revolution with infinite loyalty to the revolutionary cause. In the long period since he embarked on the road of revolution he only thought about the revolution and dedicated himself to it, working devotedly for its victory in spite of all the conceivable sorrows and agonies he experienced. He hardly took a good rest, even at an advanced age of over 80 giving on-site guidance at factories and rural villages. The world knows no such a great revolutionary as our President who, with devotion to the revolution and his people, finished all he should do by displaying superhuman energy till the last moment of his life and passed away in his office. 

He was strong in faith and will and had unsurpassed pluck. In retrospect, the imperialists persisted in bringing pressure to bear upon our Republic and making military threats against it, and our revolution was faced with severe trials in countless numbers. Each time he boldly confronted the trials with the faith and assurance that we will emerge victorious as long as there are the Party, the government, the army and the people and with the matchless courage that there is always a way out even if the heavens may crumble; in this way he turned adversity and misfortune to good account, thus winning victory after victory. 

He was the supreme incarnation of revolutionary comradeship. Proceeding from the principle that the revolution means comrades and vice versa, he began his revolutionary struggle by gaining comrades, creating the most beautiful history of revolutionary comradeship. In the long period of making the revolution he took responsibility for the destiny and future of those, whoever they may be and with whom he had come into comradely relations, and protected them to the last, holding all the revolutionary soldiers in his embrace and bestowing great trust and love on them. Thanks to his ennobling comradeship, in the initial days of the Korean revolution the ranks of new-type revolutionaries rallied on the basis of comradely love and obligation were formed, and at present the whole society, with his comradeship as the foundation, has turned into a world of comrades with their leader at the centre. The sacred history of his revolutionary activities is the history of comradeship, which was opened up and recorded a series of victories by dint of comradeship. 

Kim Il Sung was a great man of ennobling character and virtue. 

He approached and looked after his people with a warm heart and in a simple and unceremonious manner. To the enemies, he was a tiger of Mt. Paektu, but to his men and people, a very kind-hearted and dear father. When talking to children, he became a child and to the elderly, their intimate friend; he cared for their innermost thoughts as a meticulous mother would do. When meeting workers, he held their grease-stained hands without reserve and in a rural village, had friendly talks with the peasants at the edge of a field; his speeches were often mixed with jokes, humorous and down to earth. Even though he was held in high respect and admiration by our people and progressive peoples of the world, he disallowed any special favour or privilege for himself, and always led a simple and frugal life with his people. So there was no gap between him and our people, from children to the elderly, and they admired and supported him with loyalty. 

He was a holy person, magnanimous and broad-minded. His was a wide and benevolent embrace, in which all people who love their country and nation were held for care and protection. He embraced and trusted all those who love their country and nation, regarding them as his eternal companions on the road for the motherland and fellow countrymen. As he approached and embraced people with great magnanimity and benevolence, even those who had committed crimes against the nation in the past could make their life brilliant on the road for their motherland and fellow countrymen, following him as the benefactor for their revival and the father of their nation. 

Having been endowed with humaneness, boundless in width and depth, he kept close ties of friendship with party and state leaders as well as a large number of prominent figures in the political, social and academic circles of various countries of the world, who aspired for independence. Anyone who had ever met him, although they had different ideologies and political views, expressed boundless admiration and respect for him as they were attracted by his noble personality. That is why he was the richest in like-minded people and friends in the world. 

Indeed, Kim Il Sung was the great leader of the revolution, the benevolent father of the people and a peerlessly great man admired by everyone, whose equal had never been recorded in history.



Kim Il Sung is the eternal leader of our Party and people and the Sun of Juche who laid the foundations of lasting value for the victorious advance and accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche. 

He ushered in the new era of the Juche revolution by authoring the great Juche idea, led several stages of social revolution towards a brilliant victory by embodying the idea and performed imperishable exploits in every field of the revolution and construction. 

The Juche idea he authored and applied creditably into revolutionary practice is the eternal banner of victory of our revolution.

The Juche idea, a revolutionary ideology based on the integrated system of a man-centred philosophical idea, revolutionary theory and leadership method, is a perfect guiding ideology of the revolution which indicates the road for the masses to take in their struggle for independence. 

The idea established a man-centred outlook on the world, with the result that it opened the way for man to shape the social history and his own destiny in an independent way with the self-consciousness that he is the master of the world and his own destiny. 

Being advanced as a man-centred revolutionary theory and leadership method, it clearly indicates the way for the masses to successfully carry out the revolution and construction and brilliantly accomplish the cause of their independence under whatever complicated circumstances and conditions by relying on the revolutionary and scientific theory, strategy, tactics and method. 

The great Juche idea, as it is a man-centred view of the world and revolutionary theory and method, is a revolutionary ideology, most reasonable, universal and valid, which all those who aspire after independence can easily sympathize with and accept as their own. This is evidenced by the glorious history of our revolution which has traversed a proud road of victory under the banner of the Juche idea and the reality of today when the aspiration for global independence is mounting as the days go by under the rays of the Juche idea. 

The Juche idea is an encyclopaedic, revolutionary ideology representing the whole historical stages of implementing the cause of independence of the masses, the cause of socialism, and a great ideology guiding mankind to the future. 

The immortal revolutionary exploits Kim Il Sung performed while leading the revolutionary struggle and construction work victoriously under the banner of the Juche idea serve as the eternal cornerstone that provides a sure guarantee for implementing the socialist cause of Juche. 

A revolutionary party, government and army are the most powerful political weapon that assures a revolutionary cause of its start, progress and victory. History shows that the destiny of the revolution, the destiny of socialism, is decided by how the party, government and army are built and how the people are prepared politically and ideologically. 

As there are the Workers’ Party of Korea, a Juche-type revolutionary party which was founded and developed by Kim Il Sung, the Government of the Republic which is genuine people’s power, the invincible People’s Army and our people who were trained by him to be strong in ideas and faith, our revolution today is making vigorous progress in spite of trials and hardships beyond imagination while working miracles of history in all fields of socialist construction, as it was in the previous century. The Party firmly ensures the leader’s guidance over the revolution and construction, and leads the masses to fulfil their responsibilities and role as the masters of the revolution and construction in loyal support of the Party and the leader. Our people’s government, shouldering the responsibility for the country’s economy and the people’s living, is defending and ensuring the masses’ right to and interests in independence and guiding and managing in a unified way the efforts to build a thriving nation and improve the people’s standard of living. The People’s Army which has grown into a powerful revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu is displaying, as the hard-core unit and main force of our revolution, the honour of a performer of miracles and feats in all the challenging yet important posts of defending and building up socialism and of a creator and disseminator of Songun culture.

The sure guarantee for firmly safeguarding our socialism and achieving the prosperity of the country and nation consists in further developing the party, state and army of Kim Il Sung and giving ceaseless and full play to the infinite mental and creative strength of our people. 

Socialism of our style, the greatest patriotic heritage bequeathed by Kim Il Sung, constitutes the everlasting foundation bed for dynamically pushing ahead with the building of a thriving socialist nation in the new century and accomplishing the socialist cause of Juche with credit. 

Socialism of our style centred on the masses is a genuine socialism where they are the masters of the country and society and everything in the country and society serves them; it is an invincible socialism as it has struck its roots deep in the life and living of our people. When socialism collapsed in several countries of the world in the previous century, the imperialist reactionaries made a big fuss about the “end” of socialism, but socialism of our style is here to stay even in the worldwide political turmoil and further, it is bringing about epoch-making changes in all the political, military, economic and cultural fields. 

Our socialism is an invincible socialism, in which the leader, the Party and the masses are united single-heartedly. 

That all the people are firmly rallied around the leader in ideology, purpose and moral obligation and the whole society has turned into a great family in which all its members help and lead one another forward in a comradely manner is the essential feature of socialism of our style and the source of its inexhaustible strength. Our single-hearted unity of the whole Party, the entire army and all the people around the leader constitutes today a sure guarantee for the political stability and solidity of our state and society and a powerful force that defends the socialist country and dynamically propels the revolution and construction. 

Our socialism is an independent socialism strong in the Juche character and national identity. 

The Juche character is the nature of socialism, and independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defence are the road to achieving the eternal victory and prosperity of our style of socialism. Independent politics makes it possible to formulate lines and policies in keeping with the fundamental principles of the revolution and the people’s demand for and interests in independence and consistently implement them however difficult and complicated the situation may be, so as to lead the revolution and construction to victory, and to exercise complete sovereignty and equal rights in the external relations so as to exalt the dignity and might of the country. The self-supporting national economy and Juche-oriented national culture enable us to break through the cutting edge and build a scientific and technological power, a knowledge-based economic power, in the 21st century by dint of our strength, technology and resources, and to usher in a new golden age of culture and the arts. The self-reliant defence capabilities with the Korean People’s Army as the core reliably defend the socialist motherland from imperialist aggression, provide a definite military guarantee for the building of a thriving nation and ensure peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the rest of Asia. 

To preserve the national identity, together with the Juche character, of the revolution and construction is a fundamental principle in the implementing of the socialist cause.                       Kim Il Sung ensured for the first time that the socialist cause was combined with the cause of national independence and the whole course of socialist construction was turned into the course of bringing the excellent traditions and culture of the nation into bloom. Our socialist motherland is a genuine country of the people, a country of national independence, which thoroughly defends the demands and interests of the working masses, sustains the excellent qualities of the nation and satisfies the requirements and interests of the nation. 

By successfully solving the problem of carrying forward the revolutionary cause,                      Kim Il Sung provided a sure guarantee for inheriting and completing the revolutionary cause of Juche with credit through generations and through centuries. 

He regarded this problem not simply as a problem of handing over the leadership position at the time when a generation of the revolution is being replaced by another, but as an important problem of preserving and developing the revolutionary ideas and cause of the leader through generations and of deciding the future destiny of the revolution. From this point of view, he paid special attention to solving the problem. 

He clarified that what is fundamental in ensuring the continuity of the revolutionary cause is a problem of the successor to the leader, and solved it perfectly. Along with this, he paid special attention to the work of inheriting and developing the revolutionary traditions in their pure form and preparing the younger generations as stalwart heirs to the revolution, and ensured that the work bore a brilliant fruition. His extraordinary foresight and sagacious leadership created a brilliant example of solving the problem of carrying forward the revolutionary cause. 

Today the officers and men of our People’s Army, the youths and other people are waging a worthwhile struggle to build a thriving socialist nation and accomplish the Juche revolutionary cause along the road of Juche that the forerunners of the revolution pioneered at the cost of their blood, and are full of confidence in a brighter future. 

Having set national reunification as the supreme patriotic cause of the nation,                       Kim Il Sung devoted his all to strengthening and developing the movement for national reunification, and handed down brilliant exploits for the realization of the long-cherished desire of the nation. 

By formulating the three charters for national reunification, he had laid solid foundations, on which all the Korean people in the north, south and abroad could form a powerful driving force of national reunification, and put an end to the interference of outside forces and hasten the independent reunification of the country by their concerted efforts. Thanks to his valuable heritage for realizing the cause of national reunification, the national reunification movement today is vigorously advancing along the road of independent reunification even in the grave situation created by the extreme anti-reunification manoeuvres of separatist forces within and without. 

Through the energetic external activities Kim Il Sung made a great contribution to the achievement of the cause of global independence. He worked actively under the banner of independence, the banner of international justice, to check and frustrate the dominationist moves of the imperialist reactionaries, to strengthen and develop the socialist movement of the world, to achieve the victory of the cause of anti-imperialist independence, to establish independent and fair international relations and to achieve peace and security of the world, thus making undying achievements. 

History proves that only when Kim Il Sung’s ideas and achievements are held fast to, can the cause of independence of the masses, the socialist cause of Juche, advance victoriously and be implemented with success.

Kim Il Sung, who authored the guiding ideology of the independent era and laid an eternal cornerstone for the accomplishment of the cause of independence of the masses, the socialist cause, will always live as the great leader of the people, as the Sun of Juche.



That Kim Il Sung is eternal as the Sun of Juche and the 100-year history of Juche Korea shines together with his august name is the fruition born of the efforts Kim Jong Il made to staunchly defend his ideas and cause and wisely lead the struggle for their realization. 

Kim Jong Il was the closest revolutionary comrade and the most faithful revolutionary comrade-in-arms of Kim Il Sung, who held the latter in high esteem, regarding it as his lifelong mission to defend his ideas and cause and exalt their brilliance. 

He formulated Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary ideas as Kimilsungism and put forward the modelling of the whole society on Kimilsungism as the highest programme of our Party and revolution, thus bringing about a revolutionary change in accomplishing the Juche revolutionary cause. 

He ensured that Kimilsungism shone more brilliantly as an immortal revolutionary ideology with great vitality and eternal life by continuously developing Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary ideas as required by the times and the developing revolution through energetic ideological and theoretical activities. He sagaciously led the efforts to model the whole society on Kimilsungism to develop our Party and army into the ever-victorious party and army of Kim Il Sung, and remarkably strengthened the might of the motive force of our revolution by rallying the masses closely behind the Party. The efforts made under his leadership ushered in the golden age of the Workers’ Party in the political, military, economic, cultural and all other fields. 

The General brilliantly carried out the cause of immortalizing the leader for the first time in history, with the result that our Party and people could add lustre to the sacred revolutionary career and undying revolutionary exploits of Kim Il Sung through generations, holding him in high esteem as their eternal leader. Proceeding from the fundamental requirement of our revolution and with the noblest moral obligation, he ensured that our Party and people held  Kim Il Sung up as their eternal leader, as the eternal President of the DPRK, and, regarding his instructions as the programme of the Party, roused the whole Party, the entire army and all the people to their implementation. Thanks to his ennobling loyalty, moral obligation and great devotion, Kim Il Sung is always with our people and his revolutionary career continues without letup on this land. 

Kim Jong Il defended the dignity and supreme interests of our country and nation, and developed our country of Juche, our socialist motherland, into an invincible socialist country by relying on powerful arms under the banner of Songun. 

In the 90s of the previous century, when our country was faced with severe ordeals, he formulated Songun politics as the basic mode of socialist politics, and, by dint of Songun, not only reliably safeguarded our country and socialism but raised our country securely to the position of a politico-ideological power and a military power and opened up a new era of building a thriving socialist nation. Songun politics is an ever-victorious politics which fully guarantees the triumphant advance of the socialist cause of Juche by realizing                           Kim Il Sung’s political ideals of socialism–independence, democracy, unity and benevolence–even amidst the acutest showdown with the imperialist reactionaries, and an almighty sword that makes it possible to vigorously speed up the revolution and construction true to his instructions. 

Regarding military affairs as the most important of all state affairs, the General brought up our army into the formidable revolutionary armed forces and developed our motherland into a self-defensive military power that no aggressive forces dare attack. And by developing our army into the main force of the revolution that takes the lead in supporting the Party’s leadership, he achieved the harmonious whole between the Party and the army and the great unity between the service personnel and the people, thus consolidating the foundation of our society rock-firm. 

He continued his forced march of field guidance without resting for a moment for the prosperity of the country and for the well-being of the people, in the course of which he kindled the flames of a new great revolutionary upsurge throughout the country. Thanks to his tireless and energetic leadership, the national economy was put on a Juche-oriented, modern and scientific footing on a higher level, the foundations for bringing about a turn in the improvement of the people’s living standards were laid, and the building of socialist culture greeted a new golden age. 

It is a century’s miracle wrought by Kim Jong Il’s Songun politics that our small country has firmly defended socialism and is exalting its dignity and might as a political and military power and leaping forward towards the status of an economic giant of our style in the grim situation, in which the imperialists and all other reactionaries are intensifying their manoeuvres as never before to isolate and stifle it. 

True to Kim Il Sung’s instructions, Kim Jong Il opened the June 15 reunification era and a new phase in the development of foreign relations by his strenuous leadership. 

Thanks to his unusual wisdom, unexcelled leadership ability, iron will and superhuman devotion, our socialist country, Songun Korea, is shining its brilliance all over the world along with the august name of Kim Il Sung, and our people have become a dignified people who are shaping their destiny on their own terms as they are filled with infinite national pride and self-confidence. 

As there was Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung lives forever in the hearts of our people and progressive peoples of the world as the Sun of Juche and the 100-year history of Juche Korea shines more brilliantly. 

The 100-year history of Juche Korea is the most sacred and glorious history resplendent with the august names and immortal revolutionary exploits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the great leaders of our Party and people. 

The course of history Kim Il Sung’s nation, Kim Jong Il’s Korea, has traversed is a glorious course along which our revolution has won victory up to now since its start on Mt. Paektu, and it is just the road to eternal victory and national prosperity, the road which we must continue to follow to achieve the final victory. 

To hold Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in high esteem for all ages and creditably carry forward and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche bequeathed by them is the revolutionary duty and noble moral obligation of our Party and people. 

The times may pass and we may encounter ordeals, but we must invariably advance along the road of independence, the road of Songun and the road of socialism, which                          Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il followed throughout their life, and thus fulfil the mission and duty as befits the descendants of Kim Il Sung and soldiers and devoted followers of Kim Jong Il.

Cherishing the absolute and immutable faith that Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il will always be with us, we must staunchly safeguard their ideas and achievements and add eternal brilliance to them. 

We must raise Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the one and only guiding ideology and permanent guidelines of the revolution and advance the revolution and construction as demanded by it. 

We must continuously develop our Party, state and army into those of                                    Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. In the building up of the Party, state and revolutionary armed forces, we must carry forward their ideas and achievements in their entirety, and build them up, from beginning to end, in the way they did. 

All sectors and units must add brilliance to the leadership exploits of the great leaders associated with the respective sectors and units and carry out their instructions so as to translate their lifetime intentions and wishes into reality. 

We must achieve a fresh victory in the building of a thriving socialist nation by waging a general offensive under the leadership of the Party. 

It is necessary to defend firmly and consolidate rock-solid the single-hearted unity between the Party and the revolutionary ranks, so as to demonstrate the might of the political and ideological power, strengthen the People’s Army further and build up defences of the country so that they are impregnable. 

All sectors and units of the national economy must bring about a fresh upsurge in production and construction by making the flames of Hamnam and the flames of the industrial revolution in the new century kindled by Kim Jong Il flare up more fiercely, and, in particular, make a decisive turn in the efforts for improving the people’s standard of living. 

We must creditably carry forward the ideas of the great leaders on building Juche-oriented culture and the exploits they achieved in this regard, so as to display the superiority and validity of the socialist culture of our own style. 

In the general offensive for the building of a thriving socialist nation, the Party, working people’s organizations and power organs must decisively enhance their role, and all the officials must fulfil their responsibility and duty as the commanding personnel of the revolution. 

We must carry out the ennobling patriotic intentions and behests of the great leaders so as to realize the historic cause of national reunification without fail. We must expand and develop the external relations of the country under the principles of independence, peace and friendship and render active contributions to the cause of global independence.

Our Party, army and people will faithfully carry forward the ideas and cause of                      Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and accomplish their revolutionary cause of Juche by holding high the banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

The great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il will always be with us.