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२६ मंगलबार, मंसिर २०८०11th December 2023, 11:01:09 am

Statement of DPRK Foreign Ministry, Defence Minister and Ambassador to China

०९ शनिबार , भाद्र २०८०४ महिना अगाडि

Statement of DPRK Foreign Ministry, Defence Minister and Ambassador to China

Press Statement of DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman
Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK issued the following press statement on Thursday:
The sea, the origin of living things and common wealth of mankind, is facing a serious crisis of nuclear pollution.
The Japanese government decided on Tuesday to discharge nuclear-polluted water from the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant into the sea despite opposition and warning of the international community.
It is undeniable that the discharge into sea of polluted water containing large quantities of radioactive materials is an unethical act of destroying the geo-ecological environment and of threatening the existence of mankind.
Japan would well know about the disastrous consequences to be entailed by its dangerous discharge of nuclear-polluted water as it is the only country which suffered a nuclear attack and experienced a disaster on Bikini Island.
Japan is deceiving and mocking at the international community by claiming that the nuclear-polluted water has been filtered by the poly-nuclide clearing equipment to “clean water”. But it has been scientifically verified that the “clean water” still contains a large amount of extremely dangerous radioactive nuclides including cesium, strontium and ruthenium as well as tritium.
This was acknowledged by the Tokyo Electricity Company, an operator of the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant, in September 2017.
In May last, cesium of 180 times the standard value was detected in the body of fishes caught in the waters off Fukushima Prefecture, sparking off great uproar of the international community.
It serves itself as a clear proof of the dangerousness and disastrous consequences of the nuclear-polluted water that Japan is impatient to pour it into the Pacific, despite the strong denunciation from the world people.
Experts are raising their concern while saying if the nuclear-polluted water is discharged into the coastal waters of strong stream off Fukushima, it will spill into the half of the Pacific in 50-odd days and, after a few years, spread to the seas of the whole world to cause great harm to humankind for thousands of years. This is not a trivial matter.
Insisting on its stingy calculation method that costs and labor are low, peculiar to it, Japan is going to doggedly discharge the nuclear-polluted water into the sea, in disregard of the strong protest and warning at home and abroad. It is an unethical crime of Japan which does not hesitate to impose a nuclear disaster upon mankind for its selfish purpose.
This is the double-dealing attitude of Japan which is trumpeting about “nuclear threat” from neighboring countries and advocating the “nuclear-free world”.
The horrible discharge of nuclear-polluted water is by no means an issue to be tolerated as the U.S., a nuclear war criminal and the principal nuclear offender, and its vassal forces provide “guarantee”.
The neighboring countries and the international community are now closely watching the impudent conduct of Japan to pollute the sea common to mankind with nuclides and the sinister behavior of the forces actively patronizing it.
Japan should immediately withdraw its decision on dangerous discharge of nuclear-polluted water seriously threatening the lives, safety and future of mankind.
Japan will be held wholly accountable for all the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its unethical crime unsettled forever.

Press Statement of DPRK Defence Minister
Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) — Kang Sun Nam, minister of National Defence of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) made public the following press statement on Thursday:
At the summit of the U.S., Japan and the “Republic of Korea” (ROK) held at Camp David on Aug. 18, there was a confab in a bid to boost cooperation among the three parties for the restoration of Ukraine.
Biden, at a joint press conference after the summit, incited another atmosphere of confrontation against Russia, saying that the international community needs to jointly respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and that such a situation may occur in Asia.
This is a typical example of the desperate efforts by the Biden group to fuel the atmosphere of supporting Ukraine and recover from their political defeat by mobilizing their Asian stooges as the counteroffensive operations launched by the Zelenskiy group with an absurd wild ambition for “recovery of territory” have been defeated one after another by the superb tactics of the Russian army.
The Ukrainian crisis is an inevitable product of the hegemonic ambition of the U.S. which has been hell-bent on ceaseless military threat and pressure policy by mobilizing its NATO allies, systematically encroaching upon Russia’s strategic security and interests while regarding Russia as the main enemy to bring down at any cost.
The U.S., the arch criminal who has brought untold turmoil to the continent of Europe, summoned its puppets, who are thousands of kilometers away from Kiev and not familiar with the essence of the situation, to discuss so-called cooperation. This is an intolerable mockery of and insult to international peace and security and human life.
The recent confab brought to light the U.S. sinister intention to lay big siege to China and Russia by tightly binding the hands and feet of Japan and the “ROK”, the primary bullet shield for realizing its greedy ambition for world domination, to the Asian version of NATO.
Judging from the past, the “ROK” and Japan must presumably have accepted the U.S. demand for active military aid to Ukraine as they have no choice but to follow their master, not daring to calculate whether the master’s demand will bring peace or irreversible security crisis to them.
The international community is now becoming increasingly vocal denouncing the U.S. and its followers who have been engrossed in provocation while escalating the tense situation in the region of Northeast Asia, which has been already strained through the exclusive factional spawning and inter-camp confrontation.
Taking this opportunity, we clarify once again our clear stand to the U.S. which is trumpeting about violation of UN “sanctions” and claims that the DPRK supports the cruel aggressive war of Russia, spreading the “rumor of DPRK-Russia arms dealings” again with the Russian defence minister’s visit to the DPRK as an occasion.
Not content with sending the notorious lethal weapons including cluster bombs to the Ukrainian battlefield, the U.S. is driving the Ukrainian crisis to the brink of world nuclear war by handing over even F-16 fighters to the Zelenskiy puppet regime. It has no legal right and moral justification to slander the normal cooperation between sovereign states in the field of national defence for peace and security in the region and the rest of the world.
The DPRK has never recognized the “sanctions resolutions” of the UN Security Council cooked up by the hostile forces to stamp out its sovereignty and right to existence. And the definition of someone’s “aggression”, made by the U.S. and the West with their gangster-like logic and standards, does never work on us.
Seeing the enemies uneasy about what kind of entity of strong power may be produced again by the cooperation and exchange between the world military powers in clearly smashing the U.S.-led unipolar world order, we came to reconfirm the orientation and way of more definitely overpowering our foes.
Even if the U.S. and its stooges seek the “joint counteraction” to cope with threat from someone, we remain unchanged in our will and determination to resolutely take the overwhelming and preemptive armed counteraction, never pardoning any military moves against the DPRK.
We will redouble the militant friendship and solidarity with Russia in the just struggle against the common enemy, extending full support and solidarity once again to the just cause of the Russian people for defending their sovereign right and realizing international justice.
We are firmly convinced that the day will surely come when the heroic Russian army will write another glorious page in the history of the great war victory amid the material and moral support and encouragement of the righteous and progressive forces surpassing the U.S.-led Western group.

DPRK Ambassador to China Publishes Article
Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) — The DPRK ambassador to the People’s Republic of China on August 24 made public the following article titled “There is only one China in its land”:
The U.S. attempt to persistently interfere in the Taiwan issue, China’s internal affairs, is going beyond the red-line to further aggravate the situation in the Asia-Pacific region than ever before.
The U.S. clearly recognized that Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China through the three joint communiques adopted in the past, but what the international community witnessed is the true picture of the U.S. opposing and denying it.
This is proved by the fact that the U.S. is stubbornly resorting to the moves to manipulate “two Chinas” by politically and militarily shielding the “Taiwanese independence” separatist forces and staging dangerous military drills around Taiwan targeting China, throwing the world public into confusion as if China’s “invasion of Taiwan” is imminent.
Recently the U.S. administration announced “Weapons Aid Package” for providing Taiwan with weapons worth 345 million U.S. dollars and allowed the “vice-president” of Taiwan to “pass” through the U.S. And the tripartite summit talks held among the U.S., Japan and south Korean puppet regime adopted a document containing the strong opposition to the unilateral attempt to change the situation in the Indo-Pacific region so as to incite the anti-Chinese atmosphere. The facts clearly and obviously show who is the root cause of the deteriorated situation of Taiwan Strait.
As already specified, resolution 2758 of the UN General Assembly adopted in October 1971 made it clear that Taiwan is an inseparable part of the People’s Republic of China.
The U.S. illegal acts of regarding the issue of Taiwan as a lever for checking China while wantonly violating the UN Charter and international law on respect for the right to self-determination of a sovereign state are quite contrary to the trend of the times and the desire of mankind for equity, justice and peace.
Then, why is the U.S. persistently using the “Taiwan card” to push the regional situation to an extreme phase of instability?
It is the U.S. sinister intention to internationalize the Taiwan issue and build a pretext for collective moves to restrain China for carrying out the Asia-Pacific strategy and thus weaken its energy to quench strategic influence of China, a socialist power.
The military and political situation in the Taiwan Strait is now inching to the brink of a war due to the U.S. vicious anti-China confrontation moves.
No one can remain a passive onlooker to the robber who ran into the house with a knife.
The peace and security of the Taiwan Strait should be safeguarded by the People’s Republic of China, the master of Taiwan island, not by outside unbidden guests.
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has staged various kinds of military drills one after another in the waters and the sky around Taiwan. This is a legitimate military action for self-defence to firmly defend the sovereignty and national interests of China.
The 1.4 billion Chinese people’s determination and will to accomplish the sacred cause of national reunification at any cost is getting stronger in direct proportion to the U.S. and its followers’ frantic interference in the Taiwan issue.
If the U.S. persistently promotes division and infringes upon other’s sovereignty with illegal double standards and opts for the way of confrontation between camps and wrecking peace in disregard of the above fact, all of them will serve as a prelude to the U.S. unpleasant future.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea bitterly denounces the U.S. and its followers for extremely aggravating the situation in the Taiwan Strait through irresponsible and unilateral forcible measures and strongly supports all the measures taken by China to achieve the national reunification on the principle of one China.
Taiwan is a part of China forever and there will always be one China on the land of the Chinese nation.