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३० शनिबार, असार २०८१17th April 2024, 11:33:48 am

message of greetings and strong solidarity

२७ सोमबार , कार्तिक २०८०८ महिना अगाडि

message of greetings and
strong solidarity

Kathmandu, November 12,

Korea-Nepal Friendship Society, Pyongyang has sent a message of greetings and strong solidarity to the Nepal-Korea Friendship Association on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of its reformation under the Chairmanship of former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal Comrade C. P. Mainali on 12 November 2017. The message reads:


Also Message from Korea-Nepal Friendship Society:

Kathmandu, November 10: The Nepal-Korea Friendship Association has received a  message from the Korea-Nepal Friendship Society, Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It says -"Korean people are so sad and heartbroken to hear from the report on our weekly paper that our friendly Nepalese people are suffering big losses in lives and severe destruction of buildings caused by a strong earthquake."

 It further says -"It is our wholehearted and earnest expectation that Nepalese people won't get hit by expanded aftermath anymore.