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०९ शनिबार, असार २०८१17th April 2024, 11:33:48 am

Childhood vs Old Age

१४ मंगलबार , कार्तिक २०८०८ महिना अगाडि

Childhood vs Old Age

The best age is the magnificent Childhood,
Abundance of love & no place for falsehood.

Feeling Carefree like a hummingbird ,
Being so safe and secure confirmed.

Parents feed & sing lull-a-by at night.
Raise us with loving care, feel dignified.

Taught us how to walk by holding hands,
Treat our wounds with a smile, grand.

Taught us the value of being responsible,
Pampering and clapping even if it’s impossible.

When we grow old returns the cycle,
Body gets feeble, we shake & tremble.

We become forgetful and take many fractures,
Positivity fades and the dependency occurs.

Old age doesn’t have to be this way,
A little exercise and a healthy diet I say.

Yoga, meditation and learn to detach,
Create friendship, share joy and patch.

Make new friends and hold on to the old,
Share your time gleefully & keep them .